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Kansai University

Since 2018, I have taught both language skills and content courses in the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies and language skills courses in other Kansai University faculties. Furthermore, I have taught courses preparing students for the study abroad year and academic writing at the Graduate School of Foreign Language Education & Research. Moreover, I also coordinate the first-year academic writing course in the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies and supervise students in their fourth-year research projects focusing on the topic 'Understanding Language, Culture, and Context'. 

University of Queensland

From 2014 to 2017, I taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the School of Languages & Cultures. Specifically, I coordinated, lectured, and tutored the first-year undergraduate intercultural communication course. Furthermore, I lectured and taught concepts in applied linguistics and language and technology postgraduate courses. While at the University of Queensland, I also coordinated and lectured short courses and intensive programs for the Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education in intercultural communication. 

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