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Designing and Facilitating an EMI Intercultural Communication Course at a Japanese University

Sendai, Japan

In this workshop, I share some of the findings from my research project, Understanding Intercultural Development. Specifically, I: (a) address issues in EMI education from an intercultural perspective, (b) explore ways in which these issues can be addressed, (c) share students' reflections on activities and assessments, and (d) consider whether these activities are effective in developing intercultural skills. 

Click here to access the materials.

Reflecting on Teaching Practice and Assessment Design for English Reading and Writing Classes

Suita, Japan

In this workshop, I discuss my teaching practices and assessment design used in general English classes focused on reading and writing. Specifically, I discuss (a) the interactive nature of classes using various technologies and (b) how I implement different forms of assessment to examine students' language abilities. 

Click here to access the materials. 

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